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How To Scale Your Music Festival Using a Festival Ticketing Solution

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So you’re on the third year of your music festival. You’re looking to make the jump from 5000 tickets to 12,000 festival-goers. That means a huge step up in terms of the logistics of ticketing, marketing and organisation. How can you scale your event seamlessly, get the word out and expand your operations without using up valuable time and resources on issues like ticketing? A festival ticketing solution could be the key to scaling your event without draining your team. Read More

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How Leading Museums Use Museum Software & Technology To Enhance CX

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As a museum, you put valuable time and effort into making your exhibitions enjoyable and creating convenient customer experiences for visitors. But your customers’ experience of your museum doesn’t just start when they walk in the door, it starts from the moment they discover your museum online, browse your site for events or exhibitions, interact with the museum online or on social media, get in touch online or book tickets for their visit. Just like your in-house experience, in order to win over your customers, your customers’ experiences online and booking tickets should be simple, straightforward and enjoyable.

So how can customer experiences of museums online be improved? Let’s take a look a how museums can optimise customer experiences online, with the help of museum software, so your museum’s online customer experiences match the high standards of your carefully crafted experiences in-house. Read More

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8 Tips For Improving Your Sports Event Marketing

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Sports clubs face tough competition both on and off the field. Behind the tough sports matches lies the ongoing competition to grow your fanbase and generate support for your sporting club or event. This is particularly difficult when you’re the organizer of a sports event that might occur once or twice per year, like a two-day competition, festival or one-off sporting event. Read More

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Step-By-Step Guide To Updating Your Theatre Marketing

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A full house for opening night of your latest production isn’t just good news for theatre revenue, it will inspire your cast, creatives and production team to put on their best show possible, whilst also creating a buzzing atmosphere for audiences. In densely populated areas of competition, such as Madrid’s Gran Via, London’s West End or Broadway, where audiences have hundreds of theatrical and musical options at their fingertips it can be tricky to ensure they choose your theatre over all the rest. The secret to a full house on opening night, and every night after that, is a carefully planned and data-driven marketing strategy. Read More

Did you know that … in Onebox TDS we can set up your Google Analytics account in a very simple way?

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68% of online shopping carts are abandoned. This means that 7 out of 10 people who enter your website and click on the “Buy Tickets” button do not finish the process.

Identifying the reasons why this abandonment occurs will help you improve and be more specific on your marketing strategies and will also have a direct impact on your sales. With Google Analytics, get valuable information about your viewers and online purchase process. Do you want to know how? Let us show you ? Read More

“With Onebox TDS we have built our own ticket distribution network and our customer database” – Martín Pérez, Concert Studio, Project Manager.

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Editor’s note: Being able to work with clients that you can learn at each step and who help you improve, is one of the things we are most proud of working with Onebox TDS. That’s why we love that they are the ones who talk about what it’s like to work with our technology, what are the features that bring them the most benefits or what we do that keep them working with us. This year on our page in the Live Music Yearbook edited by APM we have invited one of our main clients, Martín Pérez Romagosa from Concert Studio, to tell us about how is his day-to-day like working with Onebox TDS Ticket distribution system. This is what he said.

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“We connect organizers and sales channels with a centralized capacity system so that one ticket is available in infinite channels at the same time”

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Editor’s note: This year we have once again participated in the 2015 Live Music Yearbook edited by the Association of Musical Promoters (APM). We did it with an article by our founder Carlos Galí, who has explained how we work every day to innovate and improve the ticketing sector in Spain. We have an obsession: help our customers through our technology to sell more tickets and be more efficient in the process. ¿Do you want to download the Yearbook? You can do it here.

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 This past 6th of March, our first great adventure with Musealia Entertainment ended. For the entire Onebox TDS team, it has been a fantastic experience to manage the sale of tickets to an exhibition that has broken its own record, being visited by almost 200,000 people in the five months it has been open to the public in Madrid.

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Onebox TDS sells 70% of tickets for the Moto GP final in Valencia

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Editor’s note: This Sunday is the Motul Grand Prix of the Valencian Community. For more than a month all the tickets have been sold out and that is, without a doubt, fantastic news for the sports sector. We have been lucky to be the ticketing platform chosen to manage ticket sales for this event, so we are very happy to be part of our client success.

Valencia hangs the sold-out sign for the MotoGP final almost a month before the event. Tickets sold out on October 14th at an average price of 82.73 euros.

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