“With Onebox TDS we have built our own ticket distribution network and our customer database” – Martín Pérez, Concert Studio, Project Manager.

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Editor’s note: Being able to work with clients that you can learn at each step and who help you improve, is one of the things we are most proud of working with Onebox TDS. That’s why we love that they are the ones who talk about what it’s like to work with our technology, what are the features that bring them the most benefits or what we do that keep them working with us. This year on our page in the Live Music Yearbook edited by APM we have invited one of our main clients, Martín Pérez Romagosa from Concert Studio, to tell us about how is his day-to-day like working with Onebox TDS Ticket distribution system. This is what he said.

The professionals who dedicate to the music business and event organization, know the work behind a “Sold Out”. There is a wide and diverse offer for the client to choose from, so capture the attention of live music lovers is getting harder each day.

One of our biggest needs is to have tools that allow us a simple access to as many potential customers as possible, and that’s exactly what we got working with Onebox TDS.

Its centralized ticket distribution system and its network of more than 30 sales channels connected in Spain have helped us to optimize our ticketing management and be much more autonomous and efficient.

Thanks to Onebox technology, we have created our own distribution network of ticket. Now we not only have a very powerful sales portal, but we can sell easily in all the channels that we want. We no longer need to divide the capacity in ticket sales nor do we have to make transfers from one channel to another. Now, all of our tickets are available on any channel that we decide at the same time, which increases and multiplies exponentially the sales opportunities and helps us to reach a “Sold Out” faster than we use to.

In addition, Onebox TDS helps us solving other problems that we had by selling with non-integrated channels. We have our own customer database and we can collect the buyers’ data independently of the sales channel through which they purchase their tickets. We get to know them better, we can segment better, analyze them, communicate with them and create promotions or exclusive sales periods for the groups that interest us.

Another thing that I value the most about their ticket distribution system, is the enormous autonomy they provide. Not depending on a third party to launch an event and start selling tickets makes us work more safe and secure and also allows us to be much agiler by making changes.

Also, in terms of sales and billing reports, working with them has greatly simplified our management. With their platform, we can consult in a single report the sales through all the channels, know which ones are working better and make strategic decisions based on that data in real time, and the billing process is also agiler. By this we have the capacity to manage all of our ticket sales income without having to wait for the final settlement with the channels, giving us back the control over our sales.

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