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6 tips to boost your online ticket sales - onebox

6 Tips to Boost Your Online Ticket Sales

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Whether you’re an art gallery, museum, event or venue, when it comes to ticket sales, the golden rule is the sooner the better. However, customers tend to wait until the last minute to buy, or simply get their tickets on the door. In fact, a recent study showed that for performances and cultural events, around 29% of tickets tend to be sold the day of the event or the day before, which rose to 31% for sports events. Those last minute sales mean stress and last minute work that distract from your event or exhibition, and ultimately lead to lower sales figures in the long run. That means you’ll want to minimise on-the-door and last minute bookings as much as possible. Read More

benefits of a ticketing distribution system - onebox

The Benefits Of A Ticketing Distribution System

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If you’re running an event, whether it’s a music festival, a sports competition, an exhibition or play, you might have considered a ticketing distribution system. Indeed, implementing a whole new system is a big step that shouldn’t be taken lightly and needs careful consideration. That said, a ticketing distribution has a number of crucial benefits that could mean the difference between failure and success for your event. Let’s take a look at what you stand to gain from leveraging a ticketing distribution and the opportunities it opens for you as an organiser. Read More

theatre marketing strategy tips - onebox

Step-By-Step Guide To Updating Your Theatre Marketing

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A full house for opening night of your latest production isn’t just good news for theatre revenue, it will inspire your cast, creatives and production team to put on their best show possible, whilst also creating a buzzing atmosphere for audiences. In densely populated areas of competition, such as Madrid’s Gran Via, London’s West End or Broadway, where audiences have hundreds of theatrical and musical options at their fingertips it can be tricky to ensure they choose your theatre over all the rest. The secret to a full house on opening night, and every night after that, is a carefully planned and data-driven marketing strategy. Read More

“We connect organizers and sales channels with a centralized capacity system so that one ticket is available in infinite channels at the same time”

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Editor’s note: This year we have once again participated in the 2015 Live Music Yearbook edited by the Association of Musical Promoters (APM). We did it with an article by our founder Carlos Galí, who has explained how we work every day to innovate and improve the ticketing sector in Spain. We have an obsession: help our customers through our technology to sell more tickets and be more efficient in the process. ¿Do you want to download the Yearbook? You can do it here.

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