Case Study: Onebox & Mas Gospel

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“Onebox has allowed us to free ourselves from the stress of organizing an event of this magnitude. Not all the companies have a luxury team like the one we found in Onebox.”

Case Study: Onebox and Mas Gospel

We learn with our customers, we learn in every step we take with them. They motivate us to improve day by day with their experience using our platform; how they feel while working with our technology. What functionalities are the ones that bring the most benefits to their business, and what motivates them to continue working with us? On this occasion, we have invited Mas Gospel to tell us about their experience after working with Onebox.

Mas Gospel Band and Choir

Mas Gospel is a non-profit organization that collaborates with the project “The home of Xuklis” run by  AFANOC Association. This project consists of a big house in Barcelona, ​​that offers accommodation for the families of children with cancer. This families come from different geographical areas and have to move away from their houses while their kids receive oncological treatments at various hospitals in Barcelona.

Success story

In this occasion, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Mas Gospel  and provide them our platform and service for the ticket sale of their show “Moving Forward.” Mas Gospel raised around € 3,500 out from this charity event for the project “The home of Xuklis.” Here is their experience after working with Onebox.

Albert Vidal and Moving Fordward Choir

“We have felt accompanied during the process.”

We are a relatively new project, and one of the obstacles we faced was the lack of experience working with a ticketing platform. But once we received the training by Onebox, our fears disappeared when we discovered that the platform is very intuitive. Besides that, the Onebox team has been available at all times to clarify our doubts and configure everything necessary in the sales portal. We have felt accompanied in all the process.

On the other hand, being able to share the link for online shopping has been an essential part of success. It has been effortless for the choir members to share the event in their social media posts. Also, the public has found it very easy to access to the link and buy their ticket.

Moving Fordward choir

At the same time, it has been very convenient for us that the money from the ticket sales goes directly to AFANOC’s bank account. Giving us security without taking any risk like the one you have when handling cash.

For this type of event, technical reliability in terms of web stability is very important. Onebox has allowed us to offer a more professional image and have a well prepared technical support team. Organizing an event of this magnitude involves a lot of work. Onebox has allowed us to free ourselves from stress thanks to the human factor of the team behind the platform.

We have felt very accompanied by all the people with whom we have interacted, always willing to help. Not all companies have a luxury team like the one we found in Onebox.


If you need to improve the sales experience of your events with a fast and efficient ticketing platform, do not hesitate in contacting us to get more information. At Onebox we will be happy to explain to you how our technology works and the benefits of using our platform in the entertainment industry.


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