How Web Performance Affect Convertion Rates In Online Business

The importance of the loading speed of your website is essential in a generation of digital natives. Where buying online has gone from being a trend to be one more sales channel in our daily life. Consumers are currently looking for a quick online shopping experience; more than 3 seconds of waiting for a website to load, represents a possible loss of revenue. Why should possible costumers waste time on a website, if they are one click away from finding the same thing in another one that takes less time to load?

How your web performance affects your sales

Although the prior research time of a product in Europe is approximately 6 days according to a Shopalike study, once the consumer is ready to make a purchase, the last thing they want to find is a website that delays and frustrates the purchase process. This not only penalizes the first purchase but also conditions the decision making of future purchases on that website.

A study conducted by Akamai showed that the conversion rate of online sales decreases by 7% for every 100-millisecond delay in the time of loading of a website. Showing that today is necessary that a purchase process finishes in the shortest time possible.

With this information, we know for certain that web performances affect directly to sales revenue. Providing our clients a platform service with the lowest response time possible in the API (<100ms) is one of Onebox primary goals. All of our web portals are designed to provide consistent results with our API. For this reason, we decide to move to a SPA (Single Page Application) in Angular.

Success story

You are probably wondering, what results does this technology offers in the ticketing industry? To put you in context, here we expose one of our client’s success stories:

One of the most important Clubs of partners in Catalonia held a children’s event for families with no cost. For this event,  Onebox provided an online sales channel where partners could acquire the invitations at no cost.  Keeping in mind that there was not Payment Gateway, the transactions closed in a few minutes.

Two hours after the release of the event, the invitations were sold out in record time.  With an average of 800 transactions per minute and higher peaks in the first minutes of the event being released, the platform reached up to 1200 transactions per minute. Thanks to the high scalability of the Onebox platform, there was no impact on the entire sales period. 60 thousand invitations were closed in less than 120 minutes, thanks to the low latency response time in the API and the entire platform.

If you need to improve the sales experience of your events with a fast and efficient ticketing platform, do not hesitate on contacting us to get more information. At Onebox we will be happy to explain to you how our technology works and the benefits of using our platform in the entertainment industry.


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