Reinventing Organizations: Employer Branding

In this technological era, where organizations are not the same than in the 80s & 90s, our employees have a different point of view. Currently, they do not look for a place to stay all their lives. They want a place to develop their soft skills through innovation and creativity.

What does Employer Branding mean?

Concepts as knowmads, millennials, golden workers… are continuously used when we talk about the new Talent. The technological era, together with the globalization and the emerging market, has advocated that companies give more importance to their Talent. This is the reason why we have new human resources policies, like Employer branding.

Every day, more and more organizations are working on setting out their employer branding, working to find the way to be different, to achieve a higher level of attracting and holding back of their Talent. A few years ago, when a candidate decided to accept a job, used to be based on the company reputation. Now the employee cycle life is as much important as the company reputation.

Companies as Tesla, Airbnb, or Google work very hard to put their employees in the center of their mission, vision, and company values. They work to create a unique EVP to be particular. Using these EVP, companies can have a better knowledge of their benefits. These benefits are, without any doubt, additional value for their employees. Most of the time, they suppose the principal reason for their employees to join or not them.

Elaborate a good Employer Branding is essential for attracting and retaining Talent. For building, we have to prepare a good definition of “candidate person.” We need to know how our candidates are and what specific skills they must have. Also, it is essential to know well our brand and the image we project to our clients, employees, and candidates. We need excellent EVP to let know our employees our value and why they are working for us.


In conclusion, we can affirm that all human resource departments have to know about who is the perfect candidate and the ideal employee. Currently, the employees make the ranking to choose the best places to work. In Onebox, we know how vital Talent is; this is the reason why we work daily to develop our team. Our values are our identity, and we use them to keep growing as a company who cares about our employees.

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