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How To Kill Abandon Rates and Increase Online Sales - Onebox

How To Kill Abandon Rates and Increase Online Sales

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High cart abandonment rates are a major challenge for any company that sells tickets – whether they’re for sports events, museums, theatres or other entertainment spectacles. General industry data demonstrates that the figures for shopping cart abandonment could sit anywhere between 55% and 80%. What’s all the more worrying for event organizers is that average abandonment rates are in fact on the rise across industries – jumping from 59% in 2006 to 69% in 2017. Given these steadily elevating figures, abandonment rates are clearly having a consequential effect on your conversion rates, and ultimately, ticket revenues.  In fact, improving your abandonment rate by 10% could result in a 30% boost in tickets sold through greater conversion rates (assuming that you haven’t sold out your event, of course). The impact of better abandonment rates on profit margins per ticket sold could still be maximised too, since some of the measures to reduce abandonment rates aren’t very budget-friendly. But why are so many people not completing purchasing processes and how could organisations boost their rates? Here is a quick rundown: Read More