Cookies are very simple, and all websites need them to work. Here we explain what cookies are and how we use them on our website.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to store and retrieve data from a terminal equipment on the user’s computer, by accessing certain web pages that are stored on the hard disk or temporary memory, and retains data on the user and the navigation that is carried out from that computer, and that allow actions like remembering password or autocompleting fields.

Users can delete the cookies from their hard drive whenever they wish or block information from being collected. If you do not want the cookies to be stored, you can change the cookie settings on your browser. If you do not store them, some ONEBOX features may not be available to you, though you will still be able to browse the website. The information is only for the individual use of ONEBOX. We will not reveal or share this information with third parties.

The information that this website stores on your computer through this mechanism consists solely of a number that identifies a user, as well as preferences such as the preferred browsing language, and the date on which the cookie was stored. This will allow us to recognize you in your next visits to our website. Cookies help us improve our website and provide a better and more personalized services. Specifically, they let us:

• Estimate usage numbers and patterns.
• Store information about your preferences and customize our website in accordance with you individual interests.
• Speed up your searches.
• Recognize you when you return to our site, whenever you access from the computer where you have signed up as a member with your name and password.
• To analyze user navigation (navigation statistics). The application used to obtain and analyze the navigation information is Google Analytics: and

This tool does not obtain data about the names or surnames or postal address from where they are connected or any other personal identification data of the user.

The information obtained is related to the number of pages visited, the language, social network in which the visit is made. We use this information to improve our pages, detect new needs and assess the improvements to be introduced in order to provide a better service to the users who visit us, adapting them for example to the most used browsers or terminals.

Cookies are useful for several reasons. From a technical point of view, they allow web pages to run more smoothly and adapt to your preferences, such as storing your language or your country’s currency. Cookies also help website managers improve the services they provide using the statistical information collected through them.


What cookies do we use?


Session cookies Your own cookies Your own cookies are required to display the website properly and to guarantee it functions properly. These cookies are connected to the user session and login. They collect data if you, the website user, allow your browser to accept cookies. These cookies will remain in the browser’s cookie archive while you are visiting our website. This means that they are active as long as your visit to our website lasts, and will be deleted from your computer as soon as you exit the site.
Analytics cookies Google Analytics These cookies are used to analyze user behavior in an aggregated and anonymous way. This includes the number of visits to the website and their unique pages, the source of the visit, day and time, platform, and search words used by the user to find their desired content. This provides ONEBOX with useful information for making website improvements and learning which content or design is most relevant for users.
Advertising cookies Google & Carbon Cookies allow us to manage advertising space based on different criteria like edited content or the frequency ads are shown.


Technical cookies: These cookies allow the user to navigate through a web page, platform or application and use the different available options or services, such as identifying the session, accessing restricted access areas or sharing content through social networks.

Customization cookies: these cookies allow users to access the service with certain general features that are either pre-defined on their device or defined by the user. For example, the language, the type of browser through which you access the service, the content design selected, the geolocation of the device and the regional configuration from which you access the service.

Statistical analysis cookies: These cookies allow us to quantify the number of visitors and statistically analyze how users use our services. This means that we can study navigation through the website to improve the range of products of services we offer. Cookies from Google Analytics and Google AdWords are used for this.

Third-party cookies: These cookies are sent to the user devices from a computer or domain that is not managed by us but by another party, which the processes the data obtained. Zopim cookies are used for this.


How do I set cookies in my browser?

Most browsers now allow users to configure whether or not they want to accept cookies and which ones. These settings are usually found in the “Options” or “Preferences” of your browser menu. Here are the instructions for setting cookies in the main browsers:

Chrome: Settings > Show advanced options > Privacy > Content Settings.
Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Custom Configuration.
Internet Explorer: Tools> Internet options > Privacy > Settings.
Safari: Preferences > Security

If you block cookies in your browser, some of the website services or features may not be available.

Opera: Settings > Options > Advanced > Cookies For more information, you can check Opera support or browser Help.

What happens if cookies are disabled?

Some features of the services or areas of this website may not work.


Do we update our cookies policy?

It is possible that we update the policy of our website, therefore, we recommend you review this policy each time you access our website, in order to be adequately informed about how and why we use cookies.


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (Trademark Registration Topic)

The Onebox trademark is a trademark registered with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office under number 9602434. Any use, by third parties, of the same or any similar identifying sign that may lead to confusion about its origin or ownership is expressly prohibited unless prior written authorization has been obtained from ONEBOX. is a domain registered by ONEBOX IBÉRICA SL. This domain cannot be used in any way, except with prior express authorization, in connection with services other than ONEBOX services that may cause confusion among our customer or discredit the company.

In no case does access to this site imply any waiver, transmission or total or partial transfer of the rights granted by Spanish and international legislation on intellectual and industrial property.

Reproduction (except temporary downloading from the website to the users computer hard disk or proxy servers), copying, use, distribution, reuse, processing, making second copies, sending by post, transmission, modification, assignment or any other activity involving all or part of the information contained in this website other than that expressly authorized by the owner is prohibited.

The user undertakes to use the contents in a diligent, correct and lawful manner and, in particular, undertakes to refrain from deleting, circumventing or manipulating the copyright and other data identifying the rights of ONEBOX or its owners incorporated into the content, as well as technical protection devices or any information mechanisms that may be included in the content. Likewise, the user will abstain from using the contents and, in particular, information of any kind obtained through the site to send advertising, communications for commercial purposes, unsolicited messages to multiple persons regardless of their purpose, as well as to refrain from marketing or disclosing in any way such information.



ONEBOX makes the maximum efforts to avoid any error in the contents of the web but is not responsible for the damages caused by the improper use of the User service. The services offered by ONEBOX comply with current regulations.

ONEBOX will keep the application operational twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year, under the agreed conditions. However, it reserves the right to suspend access temporarily, when required by the maintenance service of the central computer of the system or the Internet or application servers. It shall, as far as possible, notify users if the importance or prolonged duration of the stop is relevant.



The content of this website is general in nature and its sole purpose is to provide information on our services and our business activity and does not form the basis of any professional relationship with the user.

Please note that such material may not contain the latest updates. ONEBOX may change or delete such information without prior notices. Any and all information provided through this website will not be binding.

ONEBOX waives responsibility with regard to any decision taken by the user of the website as a consequence of the information contained therein, in particular with regard to the technical characteristics of the cables.

ONEBOX waives responsibility for any information not prepared by itself or not published in a form authorized by it under its name, as well as liability arising from the misuse of content, and reserves the right to update, delete, limit or prevent access to the contents, temporarily or definitively.

Part of the website may contain advertising content or be sponsored. Advertiser and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that material submitted for inclusion on complies with applicable laws. ONEBOX will not be responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that may be contained in the advertising content or in sponsor content.


Any links on are provided for information purposes only and, therefore, ONEBOX does not control or verify any information, content, products or services provided through these websites. Consequently, ONEBOX declines any and all liability for any aspect and, in particular, the content of this page.


The following terms shall apply to any links established by other pages to this site, as well as to any user, entity or web page wishing to establish any type of link to the ONEBOX site:

Only the home page can be linked to.

The link must be absolute and complete, i.e, it must take the user to the ONEBOX address and must cover the entire screen extension of the home page. Under no circumstances, except with the express written authorization of ONEBOX, may the page that makes the link reproduce in any way the ONEBOX website, including it as a part of its website or within one of its frames or create a browser on any of the web pages.

No incorrect or inaccurate information will be given about the ONEBOX page.

Written authorization is required to display any distinguishing marks of ONEBOX, such as trademarks, logos and labels.

The Owner of the page offering the link must act in good faith and shall not seek to adversely affect the reputation or good name of ONEBOX.

Unless expressly authorized by ONEBOX, the text elements of the trademark or logo, the domain name or the company name of ONEBOX shall not be registered as a keyword (“metatags” or “metanames”) for searching websites through search engines.

ONEBOX assumes no responsibility for any aspect of the linked website. The establishment of a link does not imply the existence of any kind of relationship, collaboration or dependency between ONEBOX and the owner of that website.


ONEBOX does not guarantee the continued operation of the website or that it will be operational and available at all times.

ONEBOX is not responsible for direct or indirect damages, including damage to computer systems and the introduction of viruses into the network, arising from browsing the INTERNET necessary for the use of this website.


With regard to navigation, the user undertakes to diligently and faithfully observe the recommendations that ONEBOX establishes from time to time regarding the use of the site. To this end, ONEBOX will address users through any means of communication via the website.

The user will be liable for any damages that ONEBOX may suffer as a result of failing to comply with any of the obligations set out in this legal notice.

The user undertakes not to use any of the content that ONEBOX makes available in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful, or contrary to morality or public order. Those who access the website must comply with applicable legislation, codes of ethics or conduct that may be in place, and the general rules of use of the website. Accordingly, by way of example only, users shall not engage in any behaviors that:

• Violate, disparage or infringe upon the fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized in the Spanish Constitution, in international treaties and in the rest of the legal system.
• Induce, incite or promote criminal, slanderous, defamatory, inflammatory or violent acts or, in general, actions that are contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good practice or public order.
• Induce, incite or promote actions, attitudes or ideas that are discriminatory on the basis of sex, race, religion, belief, age or condition.
• Induce criminal, violent, pornographic, or degrading messages or, in general, those that are contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good practice or public order; induce or may induce an unacceptable state of anxiety or fear; induce or incite to engage in practices that are dangerous, risky or harmful to mental health.
• Are false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerate or extemporaneous, in such a way that they may mislead about their purpose or the or the intentions of the communicator.
• Are protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the user having previously obtained from their owners the necessary authorization to use or intent to use the protected rights.
• Violate the trade secrets of third parties.
• Are contrary to the right to honor, personal and family intimacy and one’s own image.
• Breach regulations on confidentiality of communications.
• Constitute unlawful, misleading or unfair advertising and unfair competition in general.
• Cause, by their characteristics (such as format, extension, etc.), difficulties in the normal operation of the service, or fail to comply with the technical requirements or specifications established for access to the website.


ONEBOX may unilaterally modify all or part of the terms and conditions stipulated herein. Any changes will appear in the same manner as in this legal notice.

This legal notices is therefore valid from the time it is published until it is modified in whole or in part by ONEBOX.

ONEBOX may terminate, suspend or unilaterally interrupt the operation of this website, without the user being entitled to compensation. Upon such termination, the user must destroy any information about ONEBOX in any format obtained through the site or through personal communications with the user.

Modification and termination of the service

(1) The user does not have the right to continuous and uninterrupted availability of the application. However, ONEBOX will do everything it can to achieve the greatest possible availability and repair any breakdowns as soon as possible.
(2) In addition, ONEBOX will have the right to temporarily discontinue your service, without having to inform the carrier individually. The corresponding information will be made, generally, on time and for a period of three months through the website.

Responsibility regarding the content of published events.

(1) The responsibility for the content published and transmitted in the application or in the private accounts of users shall correspond exclusively to the registered user who has published it. This person will be obliged to comply with the laws, safeguarding social customs, sportsmanship and good manners.
(2) If the publications fail to comply with the aforementioned rules, ONEBOX shall have the right to eliminate them immediately.
(3) All personal data transmitted by the registered user (processing, name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, etc.) will be treated only in accordance with the data protection regulations.


For any dispute related to these conditions of service, the parties hereby expressly agree that the Courts of Barcelona (Spain) and the corresponding Spanish legislation shall have sole jurisdiction.